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Interested in making a Nature Note? The process is relatively easy! You come up with a topic you are interested in, do some amateur filming with our guidance, and send us the video - we do the rest! First step, submit a short abstract. If selected, our team will send along the information we need for Step 2.  It's fun, easy, and a great way to communicate your science to the public!

 Step 1 - Initial Submission: If you are interested in working with us to produce a short Nature Note about a topic or theme of your choice, simply submit the following information:

  1. Proposed title of your Nature Note

  2. Short abstract (350 words max) summarizing what you want your video to be about. Your abstract can also suggestions for story lines, etc. that you might want to include. Note this is NOT A RESEARCH ABSTRACT. If you need some inspiration, see an example here: (link coming soon!)

  3. Brief description of your research (100 words max) to help us put your abstract into context and know what you work on. See an example here: (link coming soon!)

  4. Selected theme (from theme list below) that best matches your Nature Note. These themes are there as a guide, so if you think of something else you would like to present on, simply select other and let us know what you are thinking!

New Discovery: A new discovery, fact, or idea from your research that you would like to share with people.

Personal Inspiration: How your research, study system, study species, or study topic inspires you or is important to you.  

Societal Relevance: Why your research, study system, study species, or study topic is important to society and other people (near or far).

Life Lessons: What your research, study system, study species, or study topic has taught you about living life. 


Nature Note: An fun and/or interesting observation about your study system or species that you would like to share.


Scientific Methods: An interesting, important, or fun method that you use in you research that you want to explain. 


Other: Any other topic, theme, or angle that you find relevant and want people to know about!

Potential Nature Note Themes:

 Step 2 - Submission of Video and Other Materials: If you selected to participate, we will contact you to gather the following material:

  1. Videos: These will be multiple small clips that will total up to 5 minutes. Video can be taken from a smartphone, no problem! If you have never collected video before, don't panic. We will have a list of guidelines, examples, ideas, and recommendations that you can use to help you with your filming. If you have done this before, then let your experience guide you!

  2. Additional Text: Any addition text or key pieces of information you wish to include in the video and the names of any people or funders that need to be referenced at the end. 

  3. Outreach Advice: We have our own outlets, but we would like to reach out to your world as well. So any advice on where you would like us to spread the word (e.g., social media platforms, hashtags, or people to tag) would be helpful. 

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