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Our World of Wildlife is a not for profit organization (501(c)3) that works with biologists, sociologists, and educators to engage people from all walks of life in ecology and science.  Together, we translate, communicate, and disseminate scientific research and teach people the fundamentals of ecology and biology. Our mission is to facilitate nature conservation through science education and communication.

AIMEE TALLIAN, Ph.D. - Founder / President

Originally from Chicago, Aimee moved out west at the age of 18 to work in Yellowstone National Park. She worked there managing and studying wolves, bears and bison for almost 12 years before returning to school. She received her Ph.D. in Ecology from Utah State University in 2017. Her research focused on wolf-bison in Yellowstone and wolf-brown bear interactions in North America and Scandinavia. She is currently working with the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and Scandinavian Brown Bear Project to further our understanding of interactions between apex predators. 

TOM BOUYER - Film Director / Videographer (Expedition Science)

Tom is from the south of France and currently lives and works in a small town outside of Lyon. Tom started pursuing his life-long dream of becoming a professional filmmaker when he was 22. Through hard work and dedication to his craft, Tom is now a well-established photographer and videographer creating documentaries and short films. Tom’s passion lies with wildlife and nature-based film, and his hard work and vision move each field trip forward.


CECILIA DI BERNARDI - Biologist / Film Maker

(Nature Notes)

Cecilia is a young biologist, PhD student, and amateur filmmaker from Italy. She currently lives in a tiny red house in the Swedish countryside while working on a PhD on wolf predation ecology at Grimsö Research Station. She spent the last summers in the Norwegian tundra working as field assistant on an arctic fox conservation project. With her partner Roberto, biologist and filmmaker, she loves to tell stories about the wildlife they meet and systems they study. 

PETER JONES - Children's Book Illustrator

(Our World of Wildlife Children's Book Series)

Peter is a British watercolor artist who has lived and worked in the United States since 2005. Peter learned the basics of watercolor as a child from his father, and has developed his own landscape style using the local Montana scenery as his inspiration. In 2014, Peter opened his own gallery in Belgrade, MT where he paints and teaches watercolor in his spare time.

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