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"Nature conservation 

through science education"


Our World of Wildlife is a not for profit organization (501(c)3) that works with biologists, sociologists, and educators to engage people from all walks of life in ecology and science.  Together, we translate, communicate, and disseminate scientific research and teach people the fundamentals of ecology and biology. Our mission is to facilitate nature conservation efforts through science education and communication.

Expedition Science aims to educate children about the natural world, engage them in scientific discovery, and foster environmental awareness and stewardship. Expeditions use a creative blend of imagery, audio, interviews, science project exploration, and interactive activities to engage children and teach them about our worlds ecosystems. By engaging children in science and teaching them how the natural world works, we can create a generation that understands and appreciates our planet. A generation grounded in evidence-based decision making. 




Our children's book series shares environmental and ecological concepts in a fun, simple, and educational way. The book series allows children to explore the natural world through narrative and illustrations. Parents can learn more about each species and their unique ecological story in the 'For the Parents' section at the back of the book.


Logan, Utah


Tel: +01 (406) 570-1039

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